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Let's talk about ... Business Performance


Of course Business Performance is primarily still financial performance; revenue and profit growth or productivity (cost decrease). But today there are three important factors, driving increased focus towards a wider look at Business Performance: 1) Digitization, 2) Sustainability and 3) Complexity. Digitization means that IT becomes OT and OT becomes IT which means a strong knowledge of both for most changes, Sustainability forces businesses to look beyond financials, and lastly, Complexity forces businesses to be much smarter in how they grow and improve their business and include additional intelligence in their operations and processes. Despite the buzz around AI, the critical factor in all of these three are People and Process (and in that order!).


One way to scope Business Performance is by taking together Marketing, Sales and Operations ... summarized as 'Business'. Back to complexity, functions have more and more merged and are of course ONE; the Business.


But before we might forget, in fact businesses are nothing less than a group of people trying their best to achieve results (performance). So, Business Performance Improvement means: making people work together better to achieve improved results, improved performance. The How? to make people work together better has a very wide scope but the core to it all is 'Change'. In other ways, getting better means changing and transforming businesses, which means a very heavy focus on Business Transformation & Change Management as the core to Business Performance Improvement.


The key to claiming the space of enabler and facilitator for Business Performance Improvement as a freelance specialist, is the independent outsider view a freelance specialist can offer to take a fresh look at an existing challenge. Thanks to extensive experience, independency and a Six Sigma based approach, results can be guaranteed on short notice.


In summary, the essence of driving improved Business Performance means guiding Change into the Business with a strong focus on People & Process.


Let's change!


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